cookie bake off

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We mixed up some plain ol dough and went at it with whatever we could get our hands on to enhance the flavor...or something like that. Simply amazing. One thing Brett has tried to educate me about is the science of baking a big cookie. It must be soft and doughy on the inside. Umm well that didn't happen this go around. He got after me for not taking them out when he told me too. So he relished in the fact that he found one doughy center and than kept the rest of the unbaked dough to himself to put to good use for later.
And in case anyone is wondering; the pool closes at ten ;)

It's all about the food

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didn't you know that's what sports are good for? Get with the times.

So with The Nuggets on vacay I have filled my time with other silly nonsense because nothing compares to my love for basketball. However in the moment I'm able to forget about it and have some fun! In between soccer, baseball, and football I've been able to forget for a moment that my precious Nuggets may not be able to get it together this season. So for now I enjoy the other stuff.  But what good would the other stuff be without the food.

Well like I mentioned we did the whole sports thing. We were looking forward to nachos and it never happened! Out Of Control!

So after one of our excursions out we hit the hot-tub and than we decided the best way to top off the evenings events would be to partake in nachos. Not ballpark equivalent but still legit.

staying up late - eating nachos - discussing mindless matters; only one way to sum it up. endless summer is still around HUA!

how I do

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My summer went something like this.
I was able to utilize the pool this summer for catchin' up on gossip with the girls, getting some sun, and well really anything went but I also put that time to reading! It was fab; anything from silly history books, to The New York Times, mindless magazines, etc. But the one that hooked me and I put all other books on hold for the time was that of The Hunger Games series. Have you read them? I finally bit the bait and I loved every second of them! Now I'm into the series of The's another trilogy and it's amazing!

u bake nite

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Best recipe ever for pizza dough! My dad played/coached softball in Barnwell and they always made this with dry ice root beer. Too bad we didn't think of root beer to chase our pizza with but heck it stood its ground. It was amazing! We had fresh garden tomatoes with fresh basil and spinach and well you get the idea. Delicious!

{u-bake pizza}
1 tbsp dry yeast
1tsp sugar
2 tbsp liquid oil (i used evoo)
1 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups flour

Dissolve Sugar and yeast in water. 
Stir in oil and salt.
Make well in flour and pour in liquid.
Knead until smooth; divide into two portions. 
Bake at 425

Not so sweet

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Anyone here love Crush Soda? Well I do and the one thing I love most about visiting Canada is that they have more readily available flavours; pineapple, peach, grape, fruit punch, strawberry, and they even had a cream soda that was to die for. However none of these hold a candle to the most important of all - LIME! It is divine.

Well while on an outing with the Madre she encountered some Lime Crush. Doth our eyes deceive us? No sir it looked like the real deal. So we snatch it all up and check out. Well she said if it's a limited time we should buy as much as we can. So we do just that-clean out the entire case and while waiting in line I think we should try it just to make sure it. Which is silly why would it not taste legit? Long story short - we put back what we hadn't paid for and skulked on out of there. It was devastating. It was NOT Lime Crush. NO siree. So for those that have found this new lil heaven on earth don't do it. Just back away slowly. One more reason to return to Canada - and soon! I am in dire need now that my taste buds were expecting it - so it must be. Canada or bust!


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My friend Jonathan being the good pal that he is and who has my back sent me this link. So what kind of friend would I be if I didn't pass this lil gem along? Here it is ha ha enjoy :)

let the races begin

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So I'm pretty sure I've always been bad at Mario Kart but I was kindly reminded recently at one of our gatherings. I could just blame it on the boys but really it was all me. I really do stink at playing. Bummer, eh? Okay well it was partly the boys fault...they didn't tell me who I was! lame right?

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